The first Contarex, also know as the "Bullseye" or "Cyclops", is a 35mm SLR camera that debuted in 1958.  It was widely available to consumers between 1959-1960, and was produced until 1966.  The "Bullseye" name is derived from the distinctive selenium cell light meter located on the front of the camera.   The Contarex was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon to compete with the Leica rangefinders that dominated the professional 35mm camera industry at the time.

Zeiss Ikon was known for producing top quality cameras, and the Contarex Bullseye was no exception.  It features a rugged construction, and weighs approximately 2.6 lbs.  It is also mechanically complex with over 1,100 parts.  The Contarex it is a well built camera with impeccable attention to detail, and is a desirable piece for collectors.    

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