There comes a time in every photographer's life when we're faced with the sobering realization that we might have too much camera gear.

Now, some people don't want to believe there's such a thing as owning too much gear, but there's a fine line between collector and hoarder, so if you're like me and precariously walk that line, maybe it's time to do some soul-searching and recognize that you need help with your G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

With that in mind, here are five reasons to free yourself from some of your superfluous photography equipment and be happier for it.

Sell Your Gear To Make An Upgrade Or Try Something New

So, this one is a bit of a loophole, but did you know that if you sell your current kit, it totally justifies getting another kit? Just sell some select items and you won't feel so bad about acquiring something else on which you've had your eye. What a concept!

It's the oldest trick in the book for photographers who want to alleviate pressure from their nagging loved ones, but also secretly serves to satisfy your gear lust. Hard to hate on this technique, as it is quite effective. And if you buy used, trading up is almost too good a deal to pass up.

Sell Your Gear To Actually Make Space

Alright, so the previous trick didn't convince anyone, and you're now actually forced to make space. Don't be sad—trimming the fat is not a bad idea. Take a tip from Marie Kondo, the organizing expert and creator of the KonMari Method—simply lay out your gear and go through it, item by item. Only keep the things that speak to your heart and discard the ones that no longer spark joy.

This isn't only a great way to make space, it's also a smart way to reassess your relationship to camera gear. Getting rid of items you don't really use may make you realize that you've lost track of what attracted you to photography in the first place, and that maybe it's time to rekindle that creative fire.

Sell Your Gear For The $$$

Hate to be so capital-minded, but it should be noted that selling your gear is a pretty good way to make some extra money. Camera gear, especially lenses, hold their value well through the years, and in the case of collectible gear, it may even appreciate with time. This is all good news for the seller, as there's a healthy, hungry market after their treasures.

Of course, it's extremely advantageous to properly prepare your gear for sale, and if you're selling to buyers over the internet, it serves well to be cautious. Luckily, there are trusted marketplaces (cough, coughKEH) that remove all the risks involved and result in cold, hard cash in your hand.

5 Reasons To Sell Your Camera Gear at KEH

Sell Your Gear To Give Someone Else A Chance To Use It

Of course, it's not all about the money—there are altruistic reasons for letting go of a few pieces of equipment. Selling your gear gives someone else a chance to use it to make a living, enjoy their hobby or express themselves.

It's no secret that buying used gear makes the most economic sense—it's how most smart shoppers get their photo equipment. Feeding into this system basically pays it forward to other photographers, whether they're just starting out on their photographic journey or if they've been at it for years. It's also nice to know that your gear will get yet another chance to prove itself useful to someone new.

Sell Your Gear To Keep It From Ending Up In A Landfill

As we recently learned on Earth Day, photographers have just as much responsibility as anyone to reduce waste and extend the life of items. Selling your gear makes sure that something that's still useful doesn't end up as waste.

It's important to be aware that recycling not only benefits people in their lifetime, but especially after they're gone. Even if your gear isn't functional, it's a good idea to hand it over to someone who can scrap it and use the parts for replacements or repair. It's the right thing to do.

Hopefully, I laid out some convincing reasons that selling your gear is a good idea. If you're ready to make a move, why not get a quote from us for your equipment?

It's fast, easy and it might just relieve your particularly bad case of G.A.S.