We've said it before and we'll keep saying it. Analog photography is wonderful. Even if you're a digital photography purist, there is a lot to be gained from practicing your craft on film.

The limited number of exposures in a roll of film forces the creator to make each shot count, where many digital shooters go for the 'spray and pray' approach. A fully manual classic camera can also help you slow down your process and make you think about the image before you actually push the shutter release.

There's also something special about the connection between the photographer and the photo when it comes to film photography. This truly analog medium is capable of removing any suggestions of artificiality that sometimes come along with digital photography.

It's just you, the tools, the light & the film.

Much like listening to live music or vinyl records, there's an element of genuine truth to shooting on film. This requires the user to be in the moment and truly be a part of the process.

In the video below, pro photographer & Fujifilm expert John Branch IV tells us his thoughts on how film photography can help you improve as a photographer. He also tells us a little about his method of eye-training, examining and studying photographers and images in order to teach yourself what to expect from certain lighting situations and camera settings.

Take a look.

Learn why every photographer should shoot film