As we wrap up 2018, I want to thank our customers for a great year and also provide some thoughts regarding what you can expect from KEH in the coming months.

I joined KEH back in July of this year precisely because of you. We have an incredible customer base—people who follow us closely and value the service we provide to the photography community. It is our job to honor that trust, and it’s a job that we take seriously. That’s why we’ve been focused on providing an even better customer experience, whether you come to KEH to sell or buy your camera gear.

Here’s what you can expect from us in 2019:

  • A comprehensive website refresh (expected to launch in January) that provides a better experience, with an improved internal search capability, faster site speeds, and much more content directly on the site, including product ratings and reviews.
  • An ongoing commitment to providing the world’s largest and broadest range of used camera gear and accessories—we are laser-focused on this market and on being the best place to meet all your needs for a complete kit.
  • Incremental improvements to all our customer-related processes. We are one of the only companies in our industry that does everything 100% in-house. This includes our amazing team of certified KEH technicians that individually evaluate every camera and lens sent to us, as well as make any and all necessary repairs. As I noted above, our goal is to consistently provide the best customer experience, so we constantly look for things we can do better.
  • Finally, you can expect an increased focus from us on providing compelling content around key interest topics such as gear reviews, photography tips and a series on the gear behind classic photographs (like our post about the V-J Day photograph capturing a classic moment in history).

KEH’s mission is to provide the smarter way to buy and sell used cameras and we seek to get better every day, so that we can live up to our promise. We believe every camera has a story to share and we love our role as leaders in providing a new home for used gear, allowing its story to continue.

Thank you again for a great 2018 and please feel free to share constructive ideas on how we can continue to get better in 2019 and beyond.

Happy New Year!

Jon Safran
President and CEO