School's out, summer's here, and as you might've heard, idle hands are the devil's playthings. In other words, if you don't want your kids making their own trouble over the break, they're going to need something to do—whether at home, on a trip, or while at camp.

So, if you're trying to find something that will keep them occupied while also get their creative juices going, why not give them a camera?

Kids love taking pictures, and it's a good way for them to express and entertain themselves. Plus, by using an actual camera it means they'll spend less time looking at a phone screen and more time interacting with the world at large.

Since you may not want to hand them a Leica M10 to go play in the creek, here are some inexpensive options that will still quench their thirst for fun and adventure while making use of their boundless imagination. And who knows, they might find a lifelong love for photography in the process.

Great Kid-Friendly Cameras For Summer

For Snapshot-Happy Kids

If your kid is curious and interested in documenting everything they encounter, there's no better choice than a point-and-shoot. Most of these compact but capable cameras can easily fit in a pocket or backpack, and are easy to pick up and start capturing images right away. All the major brands have their own versions, and most offer similar features. The beauty of these cameras is they're now more affordable than ever, so no matter the price point, there's one for everyone and they're easily replaced should anything happen.


Great Kid-Friendly Cameras For Summer

For Adventurous Kids Who Love Water

Whether exploring the backyard creek or playing in the surf on the beach, summer often means getting wet and wild for kids. If you're going to buy a camera for these water-loving youngsters, it better be tough enough to hang with them. Luckily there's a host of waterproof cameras that can be used to document all their action-packed days. From older models of GoPros to underwater cameras, these gadgets are made to get wet and take a fall.


Great Kid-Friendly Cameras For Summer

For Kids Needing Instant Gratification

A digital picture is great, but you know what's even better? An instantly printed photo that you can magically watch develop in your hand. If you want to see your kids make tangible memories they can share with friends and family, there's nothing better than an instant camera. Fuji Instax film can be found everywhere these days and it's very reliable. The resulting exposures are fun to share and display and will last longer than digital ephemera.