Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Jeremy Perry.  He is a member of our Customer Service and Purchasing team here at KEH. Read on to learn more about the production of his photos.

I began my journey 6 years ago while I was attending college. Computer science major turned photographer. I picked up a camera and never looked back!

 If I had to describe my photographic style, I would have to say it is just mixed media art. I use a lot of different styles, when I go to edit my photos. Ask yourself what is it that you want to get across with your images. Is photography something you want to get into, just for the potential financial gain and flexibility? Do you want to be a story teller and take images that invoke feelings? Those are some examples, but ultimately make sure your figure that out before making your first camera purchase.

I am a Canon user and I own a 70D, 5d Mark II and 5D Mark III. I would love to add the Mark IV to that collection. 

*The camera I used to shoot these images was a Canon 5d Mark II with a 90mm Canon lens


This shot was taken inside the Madam CJ Walker museum by Sweet Auburn Market, a popular venue in Atlanta. The original picture was taken with the natural light in the room. Post process is a lot more detailed. I cut the top out of the record player. I then grabbed some images from my stock library, arranged them and then color graded them individually. I then added a custom finish action on the full photo and boom! Art. 

The Ferris wheel shot was taken from a parking garage in downtown Atlanta.  I went into one of the oldest parking garages in Atlanta. It has very rustic old windows and right through the dust I see this image, I proceed to wipe the windows a little bit , then set up my shot.

Thank you, Jeremy, for allowing us to share these photos! Are you interested in being our Top Pic of the Week? Tag #KEHSpotlight in your photos for a chance to be featured.