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Hasselblad Flex Body CP (Complete) Medium Format Camera Body

Keh Model# 225437
*** Lens not included


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Description Details

Hasselblad has always striven for maximum flexibility. The FlexBody extends this compatibility even further. It is compact, easy to use and light in weight. Because it is equipped with an adjustable back it permits both shift and tilt adjustments. With its 22 mm bellows extension the FlexBody effectively provides a continuously variable extension tube. Tilt - for depth-of-field: In many photographic situations it is desirable to increase the depth-of-field. The FlexBody makes this possible by tilting the back. Normally it is necessary to stop right down to get good depth-of-field, but by tilting the back, good depth-of-field can be obtained at maximum aperture on a flat surface. The range of tilt adjustment with the FlexBody is ñ28ø. Correction slides supplied with the FlexBody keep the brightness even at maximum tilt settings. Shift - for control of perspective: The ability to control perspective allows you to correct converging or diverging verticals - a distortion effect that occurs when the camera film plane is not parallel with the object plane. To correct this distortion, the image frame must be shifted up or down in the image field.The shift correction range is ±14 mm from the indicated 0 setting. Maximum shift at f/16, image format 55x55 mm and no tilt.

Additional Information
Brand Name Hasselblad
Focus Type Manual focus (only)
Lens Mount Hasselblad V, Hasselblad C, Hasselblad CB, Hasselblad CF, Hasselblad CFE, Hasselblad Cfi