In situations where natural light in not optimal, photography lighting equipment can be a crucial part of your gear. Lighting equipment will ensure you get the most out of the environment you're shooting. Release your creativity and play with light and shadows with our used photography lighting equipment.

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    Sekonic L-478DR Litemaster Pro (Ambient/Flash) Light Meter


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    Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Light Meter (Ambient/Flash)


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    Sekonic L-308S Flashmate Black (Ambient/Flash) Light Meter


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    Sekonic L-208 Twinmate Light Meter Without Shoe Adapter (Ambient)


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    Sekonic L-328 Digi-Lite F Light Meter (Ambient/Flash)


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    Sekonic L-318 Digi-Lite Light Meter (Ambient)


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    Sekonic L-428 Light Meter


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    Sekonic 5 Degree Attachment L-328VF for L-328/318B


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    Sekonic L-398A Studio Deluxe III Light Meter (Ambient)


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    Sekonic L-256D Flash Meter (Flash)


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    Sekonic L-398 Studio Deluxe Light Meter (Ambient)


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    Sekonic Micro Leader Light Meter


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    Sekonic Lumidisc Flat Diffuser (L-458)


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