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Pentax ZX-10 QD 35mm Camera Body, Silver

KEH Model# 241124
*** Lens not included
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* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.

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Pentax ZX-10 QD 35mm Camera Body, Silver
Cond. Notes Price Qty
As Is

Usable for parts only. Equipment may or may not work. No warranty or return privileges.

* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.


The ultra compact ZX-10 utilizes advanced technology to offer a user-friendly introduction to photography yet allows you to advance step-by-step to ever higher levels of creativity. The ZX-10, with its user-friendly digital control, is one of the most compact and lightweight 35mm autofocus SLR cameras now on the market. Forget decisions . . . get smart with the ZX-10's intelligent "Smart Picture" mode which automatically selects one of five "Picture Modes" for the photographer according to the subject's distance, lens focal length, and in some cases, the subject's movement. The five "Picture Modes" offered on the ZX-10 include Green Operation, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up or Action Program Mode. FEATURES INCLUDE: The built-in "Smart Flash" is your reliable assistant in difficult lighting conditions. When the flash is popped up (auto flash mode), the flash will fire automatically as needed. The Smart Flash is also equipped with a pre-flash emission to reduce "red-eye" effect in your subject's eyes. Pentax's sophisticated six-segment multi-pattern light metering system calculates the optimum exposure, so even the most difficult high-contrast lighting situations present no problems. The ZX-10 features Pentax's three-point phase-matching autofocus system which ensures sharp focus even if your subject is slightly off center. The multi-data LCD panel, with large icons and numbers, efficiently supplements the camera's simple operation system. The viewfinder display offers a full range of information including the "Picture Modes" and exposure compensation. The viewfinder even comes with automatic brightness control. Four exposure modes include: Aperture-Priority AE, Shutter-Priority AE, and for unlimited creative control, Metered Manual, or Bulb mode. Exposure compensation of +/- 3 EV allow Battery (2-CR2)

Additional Information

Brand Name Pentax
GTIN 027075041288
Manufacturer Part Number 01319
Film Type 35mm roll
Flash System Pentax TTL (Film Cameras)
Focus Type Autofocus (camera motor)
Lens Mount Pentax K (SMC, SMC-M), Pentax KA (SMC-A), Pentax KA2 (MZ-M, ZX-M), Pentax KAF SMC-F, Pentax KAF SMC-FAJ, Pentax KAF2 (SMC-FA), Pentax KAF2 (SMC-DA, SMC-DFA), Pentax KF (SMC-AF, ME F)

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