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Sunpak PZ4000 AF Flash For Nikon [GN110] {Bounce, Zoom}

Keh Model# 343684


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Description Details

Available for Nikon, the PZ 4000AF brings Sunpak's reputation for quality, performance and value to auto zoom flashes. Each version features a motorized zoom head that automatically adjusts the flash to match the focal lengths of lenses from 28mm to 80mm in four distinct settings. If preferred, the zoom head can be manually controlled at the press of a button. For creative bounce lighting control, the head can be adjusted to 90 degrees. This flash was designed for use with film cameras and is compatible with N50, N70, N90, N90S, F4, F5 and others in TTL mode. It will work with any Nikon SLR or other with a shoe mount, including digital. To work with a digital camera, the TTL does not work. It works with the exposure sensor built-in on the flash. You select a range and set the f stop to the recommended setting and shoot. The illuminated LCD panel displays TTL, manual or fill flash modes, second curtain synchronization for Canon and Nikon versions and flash confirmation. The guide number range from 80 to 132 assures ample power from either 4 AA batteries or, with the optional, Sunpak TR-Pak IIa Power Pack. To conserve battery power, the PZ4000AF features a sleep mode. If not fired after a few minutes, the PZ4000AF goes into a standby mode. Reactivating the flash requires only a slight touch to the shutter release button of the camera to bring the flash back into a readiness mode.

Additional Information
Brand Name Sunpak
Flash System Nikon TTL (Film Cameras)