New Flat Rate Pricing

To help the repair process flow smoother and to get our technicians working on your equipment faster, KEH Camera Repair is moving to a Flat Rate pricing system. Our Repair form has been modified to reflect this change. That’s right, no more estimates! Price is now all-inclusive and will include parts and labor combined. We now require a signature, payment information and we would like to confirm your billing and shipping address.

You will now have a three-page form that includes our repair prices. Only the first page needs to be included with the equipment. If you are not clear on which price to select, please see our Repair Definitions page, or you can email or call one of our Repair personnel for assistance. If, in a rare occasion, an estimate is needed, we will contact you before any work is preformed. In 95% of the cases our Flat Rate price will cover all costs and there will be no need for additional charges.

We appreciate your business.


KEH Camera Repair
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Attention International Customers: We apologize but KEH Camera Repair is not currently taking in repair equipment from customers outside of the USA. Due to the high cost of shipping internationally this is a service that we cannot provide at this time.