About KEH

Great photography is about great instincts, the right equipment and smart choices. At KEH, we've been helping photographers of all levels buy and sell equipment for nearly 40 years. And the one thing we have learned that drives everything we do is that there is no such thing as the "best camera equipment"—new or used. There is only the equipment that is best for you. Getting you the right equipment requires:

  1. A wide selection of great cameras, lenses and accessories you can trust
  2. Access to expertise to help you understand your options
  3. Fair prices

The KEH Camera Story

KEH Camera has been serving professional and amateur photographers since 1979.

Today, KEH Camera is the world’s largest provider of high quality, previously used camera and photographic equipment meeting nearly every need large or small. We have an inventory of more than 55,000 items.

Integrity has been KEH Camera’s focus since day one. Whether you are buying, selling, or just have a question, you can trust KEH Camera to help you find the right photographic equipment for you.

We make the shopping experience—whether buying or selling—easy and hassle free. Our equipment grading system is the industry standard and our pricing is competitive. Our loyal customers depend on KEH Camera where we are as enthusiastic about photography as you are.

At KEH, you will find we are passionate about helping you find the right equipment for all your photographic needs. We think you will find KEH really is the smarter way to buy and sell camera gear.

Here is why:

We Have the World's Largest Inventory of Previously Owned Equipment

We make it easy for you to find what you are looking for with our in stock inventory of over 55,000 items—all at affordable prices.

We Offer a Hassle Free Experience

Whether you are buying or selling, we take the hassle out of the experience. Professionals and amateurs alike trust our industry leading inspection and grading system, which ensures you get exactly what you order with no surprises. Our rapid selling system provides instant quotes, free shipping, and fast payment.

We Deliver Unmatched Customer Service and Support

Our Shopper Approved rating of 4.8 and top eBay Seller rating with 99.7% positive feedback gratifies us, but we will not be satisfied until we have perfect scores, because a perfect experience is our commitment. Our in-house service team are experts and look forward to helping you make the smartest decision for your photography needs.

So, whether you’re a professional photographer, enthusiast or beginner, let us help you make a smarter choice for your next shot.

Why KEH?

Best selection of high quality cameras, lenses and accessories
We are world's largest used Camera Dealer, providing value and competitive prices on over 55,000 items. Nobody has more quality equipment than KEH.
Smarter way to buy
KEH is the best value for customers who care about quality. Compared to our competitors we have more equipment to select from, inspected and certified by our in-house professionals, priced fairly, backed by our 14-day "no questions asked" return policy, and industry leading 180-day warranty.
Smarter way to sell
Our instant quote system provides immediate and fair, no pressure pricing, free shipping, and rapid payment.
Nearly 40 years of experience
We have been buying and selling camera equipment for years, building a reputation for the best customer service team in the business. Trust does not come easily and we know we have to earn it every day.
Our 10-point grading system is the industry standard
Our expert technicians inspect, grade, and certify all equipment in-house against the KEH grading system. When you buy from KEH you KNOW what you are getting.
Do the right thing for the environment
If you have used equipment let us find a home for it. KEH is an easy, environmentally responsible way to dispose of used camera equipment.
Flat rate pricing policy on repairs
No surprises. Know what you will pay on repairs in advance at KEH.com
We are photographers too and share your passion for photography
Our Shopper Approved rating of 4.8 is a tribute to our staff of expert photographers who are committed to helping to find the right equipment for you.