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KEH is the original reseller of professional, collectible, and everyday gear for camera lovers everywhere.

We’re camera people—photographers and videographers, collectors and crafters, makers, and muses.

Since 1979, KEH has envisioned a better way to keep quality secondhand cameras in the hands of fellow photographers. With your support, we’ve become the largest curated market for pre-owned (or, as we like to say, field-tested) photo and video equipment in the industry.

In a world that treats every camera like a disposable camera, we believe in making the best last. When you shop KEH-Certified™ gear, each purchase promotes our mission for a circular camera economy. That means more value for your dollar, less electronic waste, and a guarantee that we'll support you every step of the way.

Our gear is an instrument of possibility. In your hands, that pre-owned camera instantly becomes a chance to create and share something extraordinary with the world.

A camera is what you make of it. We can’t wait to see what develops.

Better Than New.

At KEH, buying pre-owned is better than new — every single time.

Better for your budget.

Get more when you buy, sell, and trade with us with prices up to 40% off retail, and competitive quotes when you sell. Plus, get a 10% trade-in bonus when you trade.

Better for the planet.

Keep perfectly good gear in the hands of photographers and out of landfills; our circular business model reduces new production and waste by breathing life into pre-owned gear.

Better when it’s KEH Certified (TM).

We're the original camera re-seller, since 1979. With over 300 years of combined experience, our experts appraise, renew, and grade gear, and then we back it with a 180-day warranty.

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Turn old camera gear into new possibilities.

Selling your old photo equipment online can be a hassle. We've gotten rid of the risk and made it so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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