KEH Camera Equipment Grading System

Our grading system is respected as the industry standard, offering an option for every need and budget. The grading system criteria are used whether buying or selling cameras or other equipment. All ratings are made by KEH Camera’s top-rated technicians and all equipment is guaranteed to work (except for 'As Is').

“[...] I couldn't be happier. The product grading was conservative as usual (the only way the lens could have appeared any newer was to arrive in its original box with a warranty card waiting to be filled out), the delivery was faster than I expected. Who could want any more from a retailer?”

Craig C.

“I have only about six months of photography experience and was directed to your site by a photographer friend. It is not only an amazing shop but is also an invaluable learning resource. I have only ordered once before but the lens I received at ‘bargain quality’ is flawless, at least to my novice eye for such things. Thank you so much!”

John Simcox

"I can't say enough of how pleased I am with my purchase and experience with KEH! Product was even better than I thought! Brand new looking even though it is used! Shipping incredibly fast! Will only buy equipment from here."

Jerry Pickett

How do we compare?

NEW "NEW", as packaged by the manufacturer complete with manufacturer's USA warranty. Not previously owned or used by a consumer. At KEH Camera, you will get the lowest unadvertised prices on the website for new equipment. N N N
LIKE NEW "LIKE NEW" means the equipment is 99 to 100 percent of NEW. Items include original box and instructions. 10 Open Box Like New
LIKE NEW MINUS "LIKE NEW MINUS," the rating of the equipment is at 97 to 99 percent of original condition. Only the closest inspections will reveal slight wear. Perfect glass, but the box and accessories are usually not included. 9+ E+ Like New
EXCELLENT PLUS "EXCELLENT PLUS" rates 90 to 96 percent of original condition. Exceptionally nice, but may have slight wear on finish visible only under close inspection. Glass will be very clean. 9 E Very Good
EXCELLENT "EXCELLENT CONDITION." 80 to 89 percent of original. Shows moderate wear for the age of the item, with the possibility of small dings or blemishes. Glass may have slight blemishes but will not affect picture quality. 8+ E- Very Good
BARGAIN Priced to sell, "BARGAIN" items are 70 to 79 percent of original condition. More than average wear for the age of the item, and may have dents, dings or finish loss. Glass may have marks or blemishes, but should not affect picture quality. 8 V Good
UGLY The look only a photographer would love. "UGLY" means equipment is rough, with multiple impressions in metal, excessive finish loss and brassing. Glass will have marks, fungus and/or haze which will affect picture quality 7 G Acceptable
AS IS "AS IS" means useable for parts only. Equipment may or may not work. No warranty or return privileges. 6 F/X Unacceptable

Disclaimer: The chart above is for illustrative purposes only. It is designed to help customers understand the application of KEH’s price match guarantee. It is based on KEH’s own judgment of the various ratings used, and is not intended to be a representation or warranty about any other rating systems or their products and services.

Take a quick look at what the grades can look like.

KEH Camera Glass Disclaimer. Brand new lenses may occasionally have a slight amount of dust visible within the lens elements. This is a result of the manufacturing process and will not affect image quality or resolution. As a result, previously owned lenses will generally exhibit the same consistencies.

Accessories Included. "NEW" and "LN" (Like New) graded items are as packaged by the equipment manufacturer. Instructions, caps, straps and cases sold separately unless specified. KEH Camera attempts to include eyecups, eyepieces and any port covers but due to limited availability, these items are not guaranteed and may need to be purchased separately.