Tripods with Head

This useful photography accessory with three legs will hold your camera steady and provide maximum sharpness while you are taking shots or filming video. Tripods with heads allow you to adjust your camera to the exact position or orientation you're looking for. Choose from different materials, weight and dimensions and nail the shot.

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    Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Pistol Grip Head, Black, 5-Section, 17.3-61" (MKCOMPACTACA-BK)


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    Sirui T-024SK Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs with B-00 Ball Head, 5.5-58.7 in.


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    Manfrotto PIXI Plus Mini Tripod With Smartphone Clamp, GoPro Adaptor MKPIXIPLUSA


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    JOBY JB01469 Griptight Gorillapod Stand PRO with Smartphone Clamp


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    JTL 6600 3-Section Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan Head, Quick Release Plate


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    JOBY JB01520 GripTight Action Video Tripod Kit for Go Pro Camera or Cell Phone


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    JOBY JB01521 GripTight GorillaPod Pro Stand 1/4-20"


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    Manfrotto 536 MPRO Carbon Fiber Video Tripod with 504HD 75mm Half Ball Fluid Head, 4-Section, Black, 28-80\" (504HD,536K)
    Manfrotto 536 MPRO Carbon Fiber Video Tripod with 504HD 75mm Half Ball Fluid Head, 4-Section, Black, 28-80\" (504HD,536K)


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    MeFOTO A0350Q0R BackPacker Travel Tripod with Ball Head, 5-Section, Red, 17.3-51.2"


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    Minox Pocket Tripod


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    Bogen 3033 Tripod


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    Slik U212 Deluxe Tripod
    Slik U212 Deluxe Tripod


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    Hakuba HTC-1H Table-Top Black With Ball Head Tripod


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    MeFOTO Globe Trotter A2350Q2K Aluminum Tripod with Q2 Ball Head (Arca Style), Black, 5-Section, 16.1-64.2\"


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    Sirui ET-1004 Aluminum Tripod with E-10 Ball Head, 4-Section, 5-55\" Payload 18.5 lb, Black


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    Sirui 3T-35K Tripod with Ball Head, Black, 4.5-13.4 in. (Payload 8.8 lbs.)


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    Sirui T-025SK Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs with B-00K Ball Head, 5-Section, 7.7-51.4 in. (Payload 13.2 lbs.)


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    JOBY JB01524 GorillaPod Mobile Rig A with Smartphone Clamp 2.2-3.58\" (JB01524-BWW)


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    JOBY JB01527 GripTight PRO TelePod Tripod With Smartphone Clamp


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    Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with Integrated Ball Head, Mobile Mount, 5-Section, 5.5-60 in.


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    Vanguard Alta CA 203AGH Aluminum Tripod with GH-30 Pistol-Grip Ball Head, 3-Section, Black, 9-61.6"


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    MeFOTO A-0320Q00H DayTrip Tripod with Ball Head, 2-Section, Pink 9.4-24"


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    Sirui T-004SK Aluminum Tripod with VA5 Video Head, Black, 5.5-55.6 in. (Payload 6.6 lbs)


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