Bronica RF 645 (135mm Bright-Line Finder) Medium Format Rangefinder Camera Body

Keh Model# 219638
*** Lens not included
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Camera Type
Coupled-meter rangefinder, lens shutter 6 x 4.5 format camera.

Picture Format
41.5mm x 56mm

16 frames on 120 type film, 32 frames on 220 type film.

Interchangeable with Bronica bayonet mount, 45mm f/4 Wide, 65mm f/4 Normal and 100mm f/4.5 Tele.

Filter Size
58mm (45mm f/4), 58mm (65mm f/4), 62mm (100mm f/4.5)

Helical focusing system built in to each lens

Focus ring rotations
90° on 45mm f/4 & 65mm f/4, 60° on 100mm f/4.5.

Bronica No. 00 type electronically controlled lens shutter in each lens, shutter speeds; B, 1 to 1/500 sec. (on manual without intermediate speeds), 8 to 1/500 sec. (on aperture-priority AE mode, 1/12-stop increment control) 8 to 1/750 sec. (on programmed AE mode,
1/12-stop increment control.) Electronically timed self-timer with 10 sec. delay time.

Electro-magnet driven aperture blades with f/4 to f/32 (45mm f/4 and 65mm f/4), f/4.5 to f/32 (100mm f/4.5.)

Film Advance
By rapid winding lever placed on top of camera with either 186° single stroke or ratcheted strokes, with 12° stand by angle.

Coupled Rangefinder
Dual-image superimposing real image optical system, with 53.5mm base line (effective base line: 33mm)

Inverse Galilean optical system with coupled rangefinder bright frames automatically switched between 65mm and 100mm lens and automatically corrects parallax, finder magnification, 0.6X, viewing field 81% at 3 m.

In-Finder Display
Shutter speeds, lens aperture, correct exposures, flash ready, exposure compensation warning, AE L warning, multiple exposure (ME) warning

Exposure Metering
Center-weighted area-comparative metering system, metering range EV 3 to EV 18 (65mm f/4, ISO 100), film speed range; ISO 25 to 1600, exposure compensation range; ±2 to -2 EV(1/2-stop increment)

Exposure Control Modes
Manual, Aperture-priority AE and Programmed AE modes.

2 cells of CR2, 3V Lithium type battery

Camera body 145.6mm wide x 107.3mm high x 64mm thick.

Camera body 810g
Additional Information
Brand Name Bronica
Focus Type Manual focus (only)
Lens Mount Bronica Rangefinder

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