Contax 35mm f/3.5 Distagon T* Lens for Contax 645 {95}

Keh Model# 220521


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The Distagon® T* 3.5/35 lens is the super wide angle lens in the Contax® 645 autofocus system. The focal length of 35 mm on the Contax® 645 camera produces images similiar to those from a 21 mm lens on a 35 mm Contax® SLR. It is the lens of choice for dramatic wide angle perspectives, an important tool for professional landscape, advertising and industrial photography. The Distagon® T* 3.5/35 lens features a very uniform corner-to-corner illumination, which is appreciated by professionals who need to achieve a pleasing rendition of blue sky areas in their landscape photos. With its extreme angle of view it is also a very good lens for documentation photography in cramped surroundings. This situation is often encountered in industrial photography, where subjects with many intricate small and important details are to be captured. Carl Zeiss designed the Distagon® T* 3.5/35 lens to provide the high optical performance needed to achievetruly professional photo results with these detailed subjects. The optical system of the Distagon® T* 3.5/35 lens was designed using the latest technology, incorporating internal focusing (IF) and the most recent optical glass.

Additional Information
Brand Name Contax
Filter Size 95mm coarse (1. pitch)
Focus Type Autofocus (lens motor)
Lens Mount Contax 645
Lens Type Wide-Angle
Max Focal Length 35mm
Min Focal Length 35mm


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