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Fuji GW690III Pro Medium Format Camera, 90mm f/3.5 (67)

Keh Model# 226537


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Description Details

Key Features

  • Bright, double image super-imposing rangefinder
  • Normal 90mm f/3.5 EBC Fujinon lens (Non-interchangeable ) with built-in collapsible hood
  • Leaf shutter syncs with flash at all speeds
  • Sync terminal plus hot shoe
  • Bright, double image super-imposing rangefinder
  • Dual shutter release buttons (front and top)
  • One-touch spool loading
  • 8 exposures per 120 roll, 16 exposures per 220 roll
  • Built-in level

The Fuji GW690 is a portable rangefinder style medium format film camera that takes 6x9 format pictures.  Designed for a lighter shooting experience than it's size might suggest the GW690 engineers used a mix of carefully chosen materials to deliver a well built yet manageable frame. It features a fixed 90mm F/3.5 lens with a built in lens hood.  This camera accepts both 120 and 220 film for medium format shooting.  Featured also is the big bright rangefinder with parallax correcting framelines maintain your situational awareness and ensure your focus is correct.  Built into the camera is also a level for straight composure while using a tripod.  This camera is perfect for portrait, landscape, and nature photography.

Fuji has led the way in changing how we shoot medium format photography.  Using the lightweight, streamlined GW690III, puts you in the vanguard of a creative and active approach to producing stunning 6X9 images.  Versatile, responsive and user-friendly, this is a camera that's ready to help you conquer the photographic world!

Additional Information
Brand Name Fuji
Focus Type Manual focus (only)
Lens Type Standard / Normal
Max Focal Length 90mm
Min Focal Length 90mm