Hasselblad A12 120 Film Back, Chrome, Labeled \'6X6\', 30212, for V System

Keh Model# 341115


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Description Details

The Hasselblad A12 film back is the quintessential 120 roll-film back for Hasselblad 500 Series medium format cameras (part of what is now known as the Hasselblad V System).  Unlike the original 'Hasselbald 12' roll-film backs, the A12 automatically stops on frame number one when loading and queuing a fresh roll (with the previous version it was possible to accidentally waste part of a roll if not careful).

The A12 fits twelve 'six by six' (56x56mm) format (a.k.a. two and a quarter inch format) exposure frames on a 120 length roll film.  This is a complete film back (also sometimes referred to as a film magazine) that consists of three main components, the exterior 'shell' (which mounts to the camera body), the 'film insert' where a roll of 120 film is to be installed, and the 'darkslide' which prevents film from being exposed when the A12 is not attached to a camera body.  Hasselblad hand machines (and serializes) the shell and insert components to match each other (shell and insert serial numbers match unless noted otherwise).

As part of Hasselblad's truly modular system the The A12 film back can be removed and reattached in the middle of a roll, allowing photographers the ability to switch between different film stocks without having to finish an entire roll.  As a safety feature A12 is designed so that it can't be removed from a camera body without the darkslide protecting the film.  Late versions of the A12 feature an integrated place to store the darkslide while it's not protecting the film; without a 'darkslide holder' care must be taken not to loose the darkslide from a shirt pocket or camera bag.

This particular A12 has 'A12 6X6' embossed to the right of the top release button making it quicker to identify.

Key Features

  • Quintessential 120 roll-film back for Hasselblad 500 Series
  • Automatically stops on frame number one when loading
  • Fully mechanical
  • Twelve 6x6 format exposures per roll
  • Pressure plate & frame counter designed exclusively for 120 size/length roll film
  • Includes Shell, Insert, Darkslide
  • Shell and Insert serial numbers match unless noted otherwise
  • Black leatherette with chromed metal trim
  • 'A12 6X6' embossed to the right of the top release button
  • Integrated keeper for side of film box for easy film-stock identification
  • Film loaded indicator

Additional Information
Brand Name Hasselblad
Film Type 120 roll

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