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Hasselblad A12 TCC 120 Film Back for V System (30309) Chrome

Keh Model# 225095
* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.
* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.
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Electronic-connection film magazines: TCC, E and E CC series magazines: A12TCC, A16TCC, A24TCC, E12, E16, E24, E12 CC. TCC, E and E CC magazines can be used on all Hasselblad camera bodies with or without built-in metering capabilities. In the latter case, the magazines work mechanically the same as A series magazines. Identifiable by double blue lines on the left side. ISO film speed range: 12-6400. Available in black or chrome. TCC-series: 1991-96. A12TCC, A16TCC, A24TCC. Designed for the 200 series cameras with built-in metering systems, also useable on all other Hasselblad cameras. Differs from previous backs in that there are four electronic contacts to transmit film speed information to the metering system in camera body. Also, there are two programming controls: ISO film setting dial and contrast control dial. ISO setting dial allows pre-programming of film speed settings so that the camera will calibrate to whatever film speed is set on each magazine. The ISO setting on the magazine overrides the setting in the camera. Contrast control dial information only adjusts meter reading when 205 FCC/TCC camera is set to Z mode.

Additional Information
Brand Name Hasselblad
Film Type 120 roll

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