Mamiya 120 Pro-SD Film Back for RB67 System

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Also known as the 'RB67 Pro-SD Roll Film Holder', this Mamiya 120 Film Back for RB67 System is the 3rd generation of 6X7 format back/magazine for the Mamiya RB67 Professional camera system.  The back uses 120 roll film, fitting 10 frames on a roll.  The back doesn't technically attach directly to a body, instead it attaches (via 2x3 Graflok style 'G-lock' connection) to another modular component: the RB67 Revolving Back Adapter (which normally stays attached to the camera body).  The Revolving Back Adapter notably allows the Film Back to rotate 90° for quick and easy switching between vertical and horizontal compositions without needing to reposition the camera.


Mamiya introduced this model in 1990 (alongside the RB67 Pro SD camera body).  The Pro-SD has all the functionality of the previous Pro-S back as well as newer rectangular styling, and an integral darkslide holder.

The back is compatible with all three Mamiya RB67 Professional system models: the original RB67 Pro, RB67 Pro S, and RB67 Pro SD bodies.

This is a complete back consisting of three parts: the Pro-SD Outer Shell (sometimes called the Pro-SD Outer Cassette), the Pro-SD 120 Insert (which holds the film), and a Locking Darkslide.  Also available with a 220 insert.  120 and 220 Inserts are interchangeable but only among the same generation of Shell/Cassette: non-Pro with non-Pro, Pro-S with Pro-S, Pro-SD with Pro-SD.  RB backs are not interchangeable with RZ backs.

Key Features

  • 120 roll film back usable with the entire RB67 System
  • Ten 6x7 format frames per roll
  • Complete back consisting of Pro-SD Shell, Pro-SD 120 Insert, and Locking Darkslide
  • Removable from and attachable to camera mid-roll
  • Built-in film box top holder 'Memo clip'
  • Easy attachement to Camera's Revolving Back Adapter
  • Rotates 90° easily on Revolving Back Adapter for easy composition changes
  • Locking darkslide
  • Combined Exposure Counter wind Warning window
  • ADEP (Automatic Double Exposure Prevention)
  • Multiple Exposure Switch
  • Integral darkslide holder

Available accessories include your favorite 120 roll film.

Additional Information
Brand Name Mamiya
Film Type 120 roll

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