Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4 E PF ED VR Autofocus IF Lens {77}

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Description Details

The Nikkor 300mm f/4 E PF ED VR N AF-S is a fixed focal length for F-Mount Nikon digital SLR cameras.  Light, bright, fast and stabilized the 300mm f/4 PF is arguably the best 300mm lens on the market for hand held action photography.  The lens is superb optically while being lighter and more compact than conventional 300mm f/4 designs thanks to a state of the art PF (Phase Fresnel) element which virtually eliminates abberations.

Designed for both pros and serious photography enthusiasts, the 300mm f/4 is a well built lens that takes excellent images.  The f/4 maximum aperture is brighter than most 300mm lenses.  The extra aperture makes it easier to see through the camera viewfinder and use faster shutter speeds in dim available light.  The f/4 aperture also allows additional background blur with it's shallower depth of field.

To prevent loss of sharpness to shake induced blur, the Nikkor 300mm f/4 PF uses Nikon's improved 2nd generation VRII (Vibration Reduction) optical image stabilization technology.  Sensors built into the lens detect lens shake during exposures and trigger actuators that move special lens elements in real time to counteract blur that that the movement would otherwise cause.  In use the new VRII system is super responsive; it allows shooting the set shutter speed while enjoying stability comparable to a shutter speed up to 4.5 stops faster.  A selector switch offers Normal, Sport (panning) and Off options.

Autofocus performance is also responsive thanks to a high speed AF-S SWM (Silent Wave Motor) driving an internal focus mechanism that also allows full time manual focus override with both A/M and M/A sensitivity settings.  A focus limit switch is provided to further reduce AF seek time by restricting the focus range to infinity to 3m instead of the full infinity to 1.4m focus range.

Introduced in 2015 the 300mm f/4 PF replaces the well regarded Nikkor 300mm f/4D ED IF AF-S.  In addition to new optical design the new model features an E type Electromagnetic aperture which is more responsive at ultra high frame rates.

Key Features

  • Pro level f/4 maximum aperture fixed focal length telephoto lens
  • The world's smallest, lightest full-frame 300mm f/4 AF lens
  • Outstanding sharpness, contrast and color
  • Specially designed Phase Fresnel (PF) lens element enables a compact design with superior performance
  • One ED (Extra Low Dispersion) glass element
  • N (Nano Crystal Coat)
  • SIC (Super Integrated Coating) multi layer anti-reflective coating
  • Up to 4.5 stops of VR (Vibration Reduction) for sharper photos and steadier videos
  • AF-S SWM (Silent Wave Motor) provides ultra fast and quiet focus
  • IF (Internal Focus) design
  • A/M and M/A Focus Modes allows full time manual focus override
  • E-Type (Electro-Magnetic Aperture*)
  • Compatible with Nikon teleconverters (TC EII and TC EIII) for greater reach.

Available accessories include optional RT-1 Tripod Collar Ring, Nikon TC-14E III Teleconverter, Nikon TC-20E III HB-73 Lens Hood, CL-M3 Soft Case, 77mm filters, Caps.

*As of 09/01/2016 compatibile with D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D7000, D7100, D7200, D300, D300s, D600, D610, D700, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D810A, D3x, D4, D4s, Df, D500, D5.

Additional Information
Brand Name Nikon
Filter Size 77mm
Focus Type Autofocus (lens motor)
Lens Mount Nikon F "E" Electromagnetic Aperture
Lens Type Telephoto / Long
Max Focal Length 300mm
Min Focal Length 300mm

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