Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 G Autofocus Lens for APS-C Sensor DSLR, Black {52}

Keh Model# 209484


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Description Details

The Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G DX AF-S is an F-Mount fixed focal length normal lens for Digital SLR Cameras with DX format sensors. It's a great addition to any DX Camera kit. It's a thoroughly modern design featuring technology such as an aspherical lens element and a rear focusing system driven by a built-in AF-S SWM (Silent Wave Motor) autofocus motor (with full time A/M manual focus override). Being unencumbered by the optical compromises zoom lenses have to make, it's more compact, sharper, and brighter than most zooms while still being one of the most inexpensive Nikon lenses produced.

The 35mm focal length used on a DX format sensor has a field of view approximately equivalent to a 50mm focal length lens used on a FX format sensor (or 35mm film camera). The 44 degree (diagonal) angle of view is referred to as a 'normal' lens because it's field of view roughly matches the human eye and is not considered wide angle or telephoto but rather in-between.

The lens is an especially good choice for anyone learning photography. The f/1.8 aperture allows experimentation with shallower depth of field and shooting in lower lighting. The fixed focal length forces a photographer to think more concretely about the compositional and perspective effects of physically moving the camera rather than complacently relying on a zoom mechanism to change framing. It's also an especially affordable way for a photographer to experience the level of sharpness and contrast possible from higher end lenses.

While this lens is technically useable on FX format cameras shooting a cropped-in image in DX mode, a better choice for FX users would typically be a 50mm lens designed for a full frame or the similarly named (but a different model) Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 G ED which is an FX coverage lens.

Available accessories include the HB-46 Lens Hood (to help prevent lens flare and glare which reduce contrast), and the CL-0913 Lens Case.

Additional Information

Additional Information
Brand Name Nikon
Filter Size 52mm
Focus Type Autofocus (lens motor)
Lens Mount Nikon F Mount "G" Type
Lens Type Standard / Normal
Max Focal Length 35mm
Min Focal Length 35mm

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