Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flash [GN28M] {Bounce, Zoom}

Keh Model# 350968
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* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.
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The SB-700 is a potent yet portable flash for Nikon digital cameras. Its designed for photographers looking for a compact on-camera flash with more power than a built-in flash. The SB-700 offers photographers the flexibility to bounce light in more creative ways. It can easily be used as a Commander or Remote in wireless flash set-ups with the extensive capabilities as part of Nikon's Creative Lighting System. At it's essence, photography is really about using light to capture a moment and communicate it, the SB-700 can expand a photographer's potential by allowing them to work with light in new and creative ways. It's the perfect companion light for your favorite i-TTL camera.

Key Features

  • Portable, Versatile Speedlight Unit
  • Complete Flash Head Positioning Freedom, Bounce 90° up and 7° down with 360° rotation
  • i-TTL Flash Control optimized for use with Nikon's Creative Lighting System (CLS)
  • Hot shoe and wireless operation as a master, commander or remote light source
  • Auto Power Zoom moves tube/reflector arrangement to cover lenses as wide as 24mm, and narrows down to 120mm (FX-format)for more efficient power use
  • Choose from 3 Light Distribution Patterns: Standard, Center-weighted, or Even illumination
  • Streamlined menus and rotary select control dial sets key functions quickly
  • Prominent Master and Remote control switch simplifies wireless operation
  • Color Filter Identification identifies compatible hard type color filters when mounted and adjusts camera white-balance (with select Nikon digital SLRs)
  • Flash Tube Overheat Protection slows recycle time to protect unit when too much heat builds-up
  • Automatic Format Identification detects the FX or DX-format camera in use and optimizes light distribution
  • FV Lock (Flash Value Lock) capable with select Nikon digital SLRs allows change of composition or zoom while maintaining desired lighting level on the subject
  • Firmware Updating allows uploading of performance enhancement developments with select Nikon digital SLRs
  • Optional Drip-Proof Mounting Foot Covers (WG-AS series Water Guards)

Available accessories include the SS-700 Soft Case, AS-22 Speedlight Mini-Stand, SW-14H Diffusion Dome, SZ-3FL Fluorescent Filter, SJ-4 Color Filter Set, SZ-3 Color Filter Holder, SZ-3TN Incandescent Filter, SC-29 TTL Cord, and SC-28 TTL Cord.

Additional Information
Brand Name Nikon
Flash System Nikon i-TTL

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