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Pentax MX 35mm Camera Body, Chrome

Keh Model# 250959
*** Lens not included
* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.
* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.
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Introduced in 1976 with it's along with the Pentax ME and a new line of compact lenses called the SMC Pentax M series lenses. The MX features a new compact body design that is databack, motordrive and autowinder capable. It's one of the last fully mechanical cameras ever made. The MX uses a new type of metering cell: Gallium Photo Diode (GPD).

MX specifications:

  • Pentax K bayonet lens mount
  • Manual focus
  • TTL metering, manual metering only, GPD metering cells
  • Center weighted metering pattern
  • LED metering display in VF
  • Hot shoe and PC sync terminal (FP & X)
  • Shutter speed range: 1 sec
  • 1/1000 plus B
  • Horizontal moving, fabric shutter
  • Batteries operate meter only, all shutter speeds are mechanical
  • Flash sync at 1/60
  • Self timer
  • ISO film speed range: 25-1600, set manually
  • Manual film advance and rewind
  • Interchangeable focusing screens, need special tweezers
  • DOF preview
  • Mechanical cable release socket
  • Shutter speed and aperture info visible in VF

The word Asahi is engraved on prism housing. The light meter turns on when you pull the advance lever away from the body or press the shutter release button half way down. To save power the meter automatically turns off after several seconds and whenever you move the advance lever flush against the body. The MX uses: two MS76 style batteries.

Optional accessories include:

  • Dial Data MX
  • Bulk Film Magazine MX
  • Winder MX (2 fps)
  • Motor Drive MX (5 fps)

Additional Information
Brand Name Pentax
Film Type 35mm roll
Focus Type Manual focus (only)
Lens Mount Pentax K (SMC, SMC-M), Pentax KA (SMC-A), Pentax KA2 (MZ-M, ZX-M), Pentax KAF SMC-F, Pentax KAF SMC-FAJ, Pentax KAF2 (SMC-FA), Pentax KF (SMC-AF, ME F)

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