KEH Camera Repair Prices

We know it’s hard to be without your gear. That’s why we work hard to have every repair back in the customer’s hands as soon as possible. The price includes labor and minor parts and will cover most repairs. We will contact you if there is a re-estimate. Repairs are subject to parts availability.

For questions contact us at [email protected] or 770-333-4210.

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  3. We'll make all the repairs & get it back to you.
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Return Shipping Costs

  1. $12.00 Fed Ex Ground (per shipment)
  2. $24.00 Fed Ex 2 Day Service (per shipment)
  3. $40.00 Fed Ex Next Day Air or Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico (per shipment)
    1. *** Refused repairs – Customers will be charged the Fed Ex Ground price***
      *** We are not currently accepting any international repairs ***

See our Repair Prices

Prices listed below include labor plus most parts. If major parts are needed we will re-estimate the price and contact you for approval.

Digital BodiesEquipmentFlat Rate
DSLR All DSLR bodies $250
All Point-n-Shoot Bodies
All Mirrorless Bodies
Sensor Cleanings DSLR & Mirrorless
Point & Shoot
Film 35mmEquipmentFlat Rate
SLR Manual Focus, Auto Focus, Lens Shutter $275
Rangefinder All Rangefinders $275
Consumer Point & Shoot $150
Medium FormatEquipmentFlat Rate
Body Only Manual/Auto Focus,
TLR & Rangefinder
Fixed Lens Manual/Auto Focus,
TLR & Rangefinder
Backs Film (no digital) $150
Prisms   $150
Motor Drives   $150
Other Accessories   Call or Email
Large FormatEquipmentFlat Rate
Bodies Will need to be sent in for an estimate.
35mm & Digital LensesEquipmentFlat Rate
Fixed Focal Non-Pro Series below 200mm $150
Fixed Focal Pro Series and 200mm and above $235
Zoom Lenses   $235
Teleconverter / Extender   $95
Medium FormatEquipmentFlat Rate
Fixed Focal   $215
Zoom Lens   $235
Teleconverter / Extender   $95
Large FormatEquipmentFlat Rate
All   $150
Misc Equipment
TypeEquipmentFlat Rate
Flashes All $150
Hand Held Meters All $135
Apple Products IPad, IPhone & IPod Call or Email
GoPro All Call or Email
Binoculars Send in for estimate
Film Scanners Due to the sensitive nature of these, we recommend
sending them to the manufacturer

Video Due to the sensitive nature of these, we recommend
sending them to the manufacturer

***If the item(s) are under the manufactures warranty please send the item directly to the manufacturer.
***If the item(s) was purchased from KEH Camera and is still under the 6 month KEH Camera warranty. Please contact our sales department at 770-333-4200.

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