Our 180-Day Warranty Assures Your Satisfaction

Take the hassle out of your buying experience—KEH has your back.

Should your equipment be defective, we will repair it. If repair is not possible, we will issue you either a replacement product (above or one grade below the received condition), or a refund. Shipping is provided by us to facilitate your return/repair.

The following grades are covered under warranty: Like New (LN), Like New Minus (LN-), Excellent Plus (EX+), Excellent (EX), and Bargain (BGN), excluding any equipment denoted as “inoperable.” Our warranty does not cover Ugly (UG) or As-Is (AI) grades, batteries, bulbs, and material and non-mechanical defects. Damage resulting from misuse or neglect including from drops, water, sand, or tampering by anyone other than KEH Camera’s repair team will void the warranty.

If you have any questions about our warranty, please call us at 1-770-333-4200 and we'll be happy to help.