The Alpa Reflex is a 35mm SLR camera that was produced by the Swiss company Pignons SA.  Originally a manufacturer of mechanical parts for clocks and watches, Pignons SA eventually moved into the photographic industry producing high quality, hand crafted cameras.  The goal of the Alpa Reflex was to combine the advantages of reflex viewing and a rangefinder into one well built camera.  The first Alpa Reflex debuted in 1944, and the 6C model was made from 1960-1969.  The 6C was a third generation Alpa SLR, and had the third largest production of the Alpa Reflex models.   

Like all Alpa Reflex models, the 6C has a solid construction, and the light metal design allows for a lighter weight.  The Alpa Reflex 6C features a built in prism that offers TTL framing, focusing and depth of field control.  The body of the Alpa Reflex 6C would have also been protected with a plastic material that would have made it "impervious to sweat, cold, heat and other climatic influences" according to the user manual (courtesy of Camera Manuals).  A nice vintage collectible for the camera lover!   

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