Today we have a little word game for you. Each riddle represents a camera equipment brand. If you like a challenge, and puzzles that really work your brain, you'll love this! Let's see how many you can get!

1. Adam + Bilbo Baggins' nephew

2. 18th letter in the Greek alphabet

3. Not yours, but ____ + heavy work animal

4. What Samuel did in the choir

5. Where the Greek Gods live

6. Stitching your patella

7. Lambert and Cosgrove

8. New York's favorite flash equipment

9. Writing utensil + one of life's certainties

10. The greatest mountain in Japan

11. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell's favorite flash equipment

12. Standing close to a prisoner

13. The opposite of can't off

14. The ends of the earth + hemorrhoids

15. Dracula's enemy runs with wolves

16. Sticking these in your eyes will help you see

17. Enemy of Batman, DC comics circa 2000

18. Cooking utensil of everyones favorite hedgehog

19. Mama Miya - ma

20. Polli's first name

21. The best swindler there is

22. If the space shuffle set down on Ratso's friend, Joe Buck.

23. If Brad + Angelina = Brangelina, then Brian + Monica =

* Answers are posted here.

Thanks to Grant in our purchasing department for coming up with these!