The Canon P is a 35mm rangefinder camera that was manufactured in Japan by Canon Inc. between 1958-61.  The "P" designation stands for "Populaire", and as stated in the camera's instruction manual it was the first time a "camera of Canon quality" was ever offered at a "popular price."  The Canon P was marketed as a more economical option to the Canon VI-L available at the time.  The Canon P was also the predecessor to the Canon 7 rangefinder camera.  Less than 100,000 units were made during its production run.  There was also a black version of the camera, which is even more rare than the chrome.  The Canon P is compatible with both Canon and Leica screw mount lenses.       

The name of the camera is labeled on the top plate with a "P" right in front of the accessory clip.  The Canon P features a large film winding lever, shutter speed dial and an exposure counting dial on the top of the camera as well.  The camera also has a large rewind crank that folds back into the body when not in use.  Specifications include a shutter speed range of 1 to 1/1000, B and X flash sync at 1/55th of a second.  The camera has a horizontal focal plane shutter, and it is made of coated stainless steel.  The camera's finder is parallax corrected with built in frame lines for 35mm, 50mm and 100mm lenses.  The chrome plating, durable construction and classic design make the Canon P a neat vintage find!           

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