You probably already know that KEH is the world's largest used camera retailer. However, you may not know that we also have a surprising collection of professional and prosumer video equipment! If you're looking to shoot your first indie film, or take your documentary idea to the next level, we can give you a hand.

I've always loved adaptable and modular equipment. Isn't the coolest thing about having a Jeep the fact that you can pluck off the doors and hood if you want to cruise down to the beach? It's incredibly valuable to be able to adjust or modify your gear to fit any situation you find yourself. Each item on this list brings customization to your kit in one way or another to suit your production needs. There's a lot to unpack about each of these items, but if you read on for a few details about each, I'll try to keep it short.


Customize Your Camera Setup With Pro Video Equipment


Zeiss's CP.2 line of Compact Prime lenses are much-loved in the cinematic world. Their robust and sturdy lens housings can fit onto Canon DSLRs or large and heavy 35mm motion picture cameras. Each lens in the CP.2 line also comes equipped with precise focus marks on the left and right sides so you or your focus puller can be sure to hit the mark every time. It's a delight to use the extra-long and extra-smooth focus throw. Geared focus and aperture rings also allow the use of a follow focus.

Ah... I said I'd keep these short, didn't I? The primary and best-loved attribute of the Zeiss CP.2 line is the interchangeable mount. Even though this particular example is a Canon EF-mount version, Zeiss has kits available to easily change the mount yourself if you feel like using the same lens on a Nikon F-mount or Arri PL-Mount camera body. It's only 6 Torx screws and a spacer to switch things up.

Customize Your Camera Setup With Pro Video Equipment


Blackmagic Design's cameras have swept through the independent film world—unannounced and ferocious. It's hard to argue with their various Cinema Cameras' picture quality, ease of use and rabid fanbase. While comparatively small next to their URSA cameras, Blackmagic's Cinema Cameras don't include XLR inputs for external audio. With this audio breakout box from Wooden Camera, you can plug in professional-quality XLR Cables from a shotgun microphone or wireless audio system. With a 19mm rod attachment that also connects to any 1/4-20 screw thread, it's easy to attach to a cage or shoulder rig. Plug the mic cable into the box, and plug the box into the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. It's that simple.

Customize Your Camera Setup With Pro Video Equipment


Let's say you've got one of those pretty Zeiss CP.2 lenses shown above. You've also invested in a RED DSMC2 camera body.  Unfortunately, you've got an EF-mount RED Monstro and a PL-Mount lens. Thankfully, RED seems to have thought of everything with their fully-adaptable 'tactical' system. With this, you can switch out the mount of your DSMC or DSMC2 camera to fit the more secure locking PL-mount lenses of your choice. Captive mount screws mean they won't fall out and get lost under the couch when you decide to change the mount back. Plus it's titanium—no big deal. It's only the strongest natural metal. That's RED design for you.

Customize Your Camera Setup With Pro Video Equipment


Even now, some less-educated folks will turn their nose up when you say you shoot video with a DSLR. With this DLSR Core Package from Cinevate, nobody will doubt that you mean business rolling onto location. Transform your camera into a filmmaking tool with a professional matte box for using large filters and light flags. The top handle helps you get steady low-angle tracking shots. The height-adjustable baseplate and rails allow you to perfectly fit this cage to whichever DSLR model you've got. This mech-suit for your camera also adds a superb follow focus system, with extra gears to attach to your lenses. Without a doubt, this rig majorly upgrades your filming setup.

Customize Your Camera Setup With Pro Video Equipment


Canon's Cine Zoom line is on another level. They've spared no expense to bring Super 35mm filmmakers and video professionals the most absolute pristine lenses that Canon can produce. Cine Zooms aren't ideal for most, being prohibitively expensive and hefty for most. We at KEH love a deal, though, so check out these details.

This parfocal lens stays focused on one spot, whether you zoom in or out. It also has those wonderful geared rings for focus, zoom, and iris. As with all cine lenses, you get an amazingly smooth and long ring rotation, and this particular model has distances and apertures on angled surfaces so they can be seen both when operating the camera, or when pulling focus from the side. What really makes this specimen stand out, however, is the Duclos Lenses Multi-Mount. The Multi-Mount is a specialized customization, allowing the user to quickly switch between Canon EF, Nikon F, Arri PL, Panavision mounts and more in the field, without any tools in just 60 seconds. That's a pro move.


As you can see, there's a lot of video equipment out there that can be customized or easily adapted to your needs. It just so happens that we at KEH have a bunch of film and video equipment ready for you to adapt. If you're looking for it, we've probably got it for less than the other guys.

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