Jane, who is a "junker" and blogs at Mamie Jane's recently found an old oak filing cabinet at a thrift store. After looking at how the drawer part was made, she decided it would make a neat wall shelf. The transformation process was simple- she anchored the wood slider piece in the drawer that is intended to hold files in place with a few screws so that it could also be used to display items on.

She then screwed a few picture hangers onto the back and anchored the shelf to the wall (with screws and anchors since it is pretty heavy) and arranged some of her vintage cameras, photographs, and a few other items on it to display in her home. It really has an extra bit of character over the typical wall shelf. 

Jane has lots of other really cool shelving ideas and projects on her site that involve taking antique items and repurposing them into display shelves like the one above and below. Be sure to check out her site for lots more inspiration!

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