The Edixa-Mat Reflex Model B-L is a 35mm manual focus SLR camera that debuted in 1963.  It was produced by the German based company Wirgin.  The Edixa SLRs were inexpensive cameras, as it was the goal of Wirgin to produce an economical SLR to compete with the Exakta and Praktica cameras.  As a result, the Edixa SLRs became know as the workhorse cameras of the 1950s and 1960s.  Many versions of the Edixa SLRs were made, oftentimes with little to no difference between models.

The Edixa-Mat Reflex Model B-L has a focal plane shutter.  As did all models after 1956, the Model B-L features internal automatic diaphragm actuation and instant mirror return.  It also has an exchangeable prism.  The "L" designation means that it has linear shutter speeds (30, 60, 125).

The lens featured with this particular Edixa-Mat Reflex B-L is a Steinheil 135mm f2.8 Edixa lens.  It has an Edixa M42 screw mount and is designed to work with Edixa Reflex cameras.  Wirgin mainly produced camera bodies, so they relied on outside manufacturers to make lenses for the Edixa Reflex cameras.  A nice example of a vintage workhorse camera!     

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