Many photographers shoot in diverse, harsh or even unpredictable environments, so it is important for them to have the proper tools available to allow them to focus on capturing images instead of hassling with unreliable surroundings.  The Gyro Stabilizer by Kenyon Labs is a great accessory for controlling excessive moment, so vibrations, bumps and camera shake won't ruin photo or video quality.  Gyro stabilizers are great for press and nature photographers, videographers or any type pf photography that requires a helping hand with stability.  Gyro stabilizers are perfect for aerial photography or cinematography as well.      

Gyro stabilizers are battery powered and mount to the tripod socket of a camera.  Inside the unit, two gyros spin to keep the camera steady.  The camera will remain level as the gyro stabilizer counteracts sudden movements such as vibrations.  With the gyro stabilizer attached to the camera, the shooter will be able to use lower shutter speeds, longer lenses and enjoy the freedom of movement.  The decreased vibration and increased stability will yield photo clarity that may otherwise be compromised by excessive movement.   

If photographic adventures or assignments require the shooter to work while in a vehicle, boat or aircraft, a gyro stabilizer may be a great accessory to consider.  Photographers will be able to capture sharp images even when dealing with conditions such as waves on a boat or air turbulence.  Securing the perfect shot while running or walking is also made possible by the use of a gyro stabilizer.  The use of a tripod or dolly is not required, so photographers or videographers can enjoy less hassle with a hand-held gyro stabilizer.  Gyro stabilizers are a great solution for photographers that require stability when their shooting conditions are less than steady. 

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