We currently have an amazing selection of Nikon Anniversary and Collectible Editions in-stock...

F2A (Photomic) 25th Anniversary- Nikon USA presented this special edition model to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its establishment in the United States. 4,000 of this special edition was only made, only in the chrome finish, and has a silver plate under the shutter release with the inscription '25th Anniversary'. [In-stock, EX and LN conditions. Prices range $399-819. Find them here.]
F3P- The 'P' is for "press", and is a special F3 version for photojournalists shooting in extreme climate conditions. The larger controls were created for easier use with gloves. It also has the greatest sealing against dust/dirt and moisture because of the elimination of certain features including the cable release socket, self timer, multiple exposure lever, viewfinder blind, and back cover locking lever. The F3P has an additional film pressure roller and improved rubber seals. This model also has a taller shutter speed dial, modified meter switch, and a hot-shoe contact on the prism. [Multiples in stock with different back and motor options. Condition and prices vary. Find them here.]

F3 Limited- Similar to the F3P (above), this camera appeared only in the Japanese internal home market in 1993, with an addition of about 2,000. Has a HP titanium-coated prism housing, higher-profile shutter speed dial, a hot-shoe contact attachment, a fixed Type B focusing screen, a splash-proof shutter release (without cable release screw thread). The viewfinder blind and multiple exposure lever features were also eliminated from this model. [In-stock, LN condition, $1599. Find it here.]

FM2/T Titanium 1994 Year of the Dog- This special edition camera is one of the rarest since the edition was only 300 cameras. This camera was not offered to Nikon dealers as a regular product, and was produced in the Chinese Year of the Dog, which was 1994. [In-stock, LN condition, $2999. Find it here.]

FA Gold/ FA Grand Prix '84- A special version of the FA plated with 24-carat gold with a high-quality lizard leather covering. The FA was voted 'European Camera of the Year 1984', and so the camera was produced to commemorate this honor. 500 were made. Comes with a 50mm F1.4 AIS lens. [In-stock, EX condition, $1539. Find it here.]

FM2 Millennium Limited Edition, Year of the Dragon- 2000 of these were made commemorating the new Millennium Year 2000. 2000 was the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which represents fortune and good luck. The camera has a Chinese dragon illustration under the FM2 marking on the front and is also marked with 'Year 2000' on the back. The camera comes with a matching Nikon 50mm F1.4 AIS lens. [In-stock, EX+ condition, $849. Find it here.]

F5 Limited/ F5 50th Anniversary NPK- In 1998 Nikon introduced this special version F5 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the first Nikon 35mm camera. Production of these was limited to 2000 units. The early Nikon lettering style (of the Nikon I) is used on the front of the finder. On the back is the old 'Nippon Kogaku' trademark logo with '50' below it. The camera is black and gray. (This is the only auto-focus camera from all of the above). [In-stock, EX condition, $889. Find it here.]