Nikon F3H (High Speed) HP- A special version (of the F3P) that can shoot 13 frames per second with the MD-4H motor drive (making it the fastest Nikon film camera). This motor drive was built specifically for this version, but the camera also operates with the standard MD-4 motor drive. This camera has a fixed, partially-reflecting (Pellicle) mirror with 70% transmission and 30% reflection in order to obtain the high speed.

Like the F3P, the larger controls were created for easier use with gloves. It also has a better sealing against dust and moisture because of the elimination of certain features including the self timer, multiple exposure lever, and viewfinder blind. This model also has a taller shutter speed dial and a hot-shoe contact on the prism.

The F3H was originally made for the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Productions numbers were quite low, as Nikon only took orders for these for a few months from credentialed professional photographers and collectors.

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