The Polaroid Automatic 320 is an instant pack film folding rangefinder camera produced by Polaroid.  It was manufactured between 1969-1971, and is part of the 100-400 Land Camera series.  The Polaroid Automatic 320 has several features that were standard on all models in the 100-400 series.  Those features include a folding bellows, automatic exposure and the use of 100 series pack film.  The Automatic 320 was also the lowest priced folding pack film camera produced, as it was Polaroid's goal to make the camera affordable for any budget.  Polaroid was able to reduce costs by offering the camera with a plastic body and lens housing.   This worked as an advantage, as the Automatic 320 was more lightweight and easier for travel.  

The Polaroid Automatic 320 features a two element plastic 114mm f8.8 lens.  It also has automatic exposure capabilities with an external electric eye light meter beside the lens.  The camera has a parallax viewfinder with a distance estimator in the eyepiece, and a separate rangefinder focus window.  The Automatic 320 has film speed settings of 75 ASA, or 3000 ASA.   The camera also features a light/dark control for exposure compensation.  The Automatic 320 uses 100 series pack film (FujiFilm's FP-100C is readily available today).  This particular Polaroid listing comes with a Polaroid Model 268 flash unit as well.  A neat vintage find for the Polaroid collector!   

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