The Polaroid Pathfinder 110B is a folding camera produced by Polaroid, and part of the instant film Land Camera family.  The Pathfinder series began in 1952, but the 110B model was produced between 1960-1964.  During that four year span of time, Polaroid produced between 27,000 and 35,000 Pathfinder 110B units.  Polaroid considered the Pathfinder series to be part of their professional line of cameras, and marketed them towards more advanced shooters.       

The Pathfinder 110B is equipped with a sharp Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm f4.7 lens, and the body of the camera features a durable steel construction.  The camera also has a Prontor SVS shutter, self timer and a hinged pinhole lens cap that has an f90 setting to be used with 3000 speed film.  Unlike other Polaroid models with an automatic exposure system with an electronic eye, the Pathfinder cameras expose the film manually.  This is a desirable feature for shooters that wish to have manual control of the camera.

The camera also has a coupled rangefinder viewfinder system with parallax correction. By looking through a single window and turning the focus knob of the camera, the shooter centers and focuses the image at the same time.  The viewfinder has projected framelines for centering the image, and a yellow triangle indicator to to assist with focusing the image.

The Pathfinder 110B was originally intended to use 40 series roll film, however that particular type of film has been discontinued.  The good news is the 110B model can be modified to accept 4x5 inch sheet film, Polaroid 100 series pack film or 120 roll film.  This particular Pathfinder 110B has been modified to take 100 series pack film.  A great vintage camera with a modern twist!          

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