Have you ever found or received a lens and been unsure what type of camera it goes to? Or maybe you're just really into photography and camera equipment and want to fill your brain with gear knowledge. Well today we're kicking off a mini-series on lens mounts. We will be identifying all of the major (common) lens mount types, and then some more uncommon or rare lens mounts as well. It's a visual guide, with photos of each mount type with a short description of what kind of lens mount it is below the image.

Every mount is different- you just have to pay attention to the small details to determine what is what. Look at the contacts (or lack of), the pins, the size of the mount, the grooves, indentations, tabs, mounting dots, screw placements, serial number locations, rear elements, etc. 

Lets start with Part 1: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Leica lenses...

Canon Manual Focus (FD), MF 35mm

Canon Manual Focus (FD BL), MF 35mm

Canon Auto-Focus (EOS), AF 35mm

Digital Canon (EF-S), AF D-SLR

Canon Video, AF
Canon Rangefinder (screw mount), MF 35mm
Nikon F (Non-AI), MF 35mm
Nikon F (AI), MF 35mm

Nikon F (AI-S), MF 35mm

Nikon F (AI'd), MF 35mm

Nikon Auto-Focus, AF 35mm

Nikon Digital (AF-S), AF D-SLR

Nikon 1 (new digital mirrorless), AF D-SLR

Nikon Rangefinder, MF 35mm

Nikonos (underwater), MF 35mm
Pentax K, MF 35mm

Pentax Screw Mount, MF 35mm
Pentax Auto-Focus K, AF 35mm

Pentax Digital, AF D-SLR

Pentax 67, MF Medium Format

Pentax 645, MF Medium Format
Pentax 110, MF Subminiature
Leica M: ROM, MF 35mm
Leica S (screw mount), MF 35mm
Leica R: 2-cam, MF 35mm

Leica R: 3-cam, MF 35mm
Leica R: 3rd-cam/ R-cam, MF 35mm

Leica R: ROM (3rd-cam), MF 35mm

Leica Visoflex, MF 35mm

Leica Digital (M), MF D-Rangefinder

More Information-

Abbreviations used above:
AF = Auto focus
MF = Manual focus
BL = Breech Lock
D-SLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex

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