Congratulations to our Top Pic of the Week, Aminah McKenzie! She captured these very trendy, stylish and authentic images.

f/ 1.6. ISO 100. Aperture 1/4000

Simple, yet highly fashionable with high-wasted jeans, colorful bandeau and silver electric heels; the perfect combination of colors against a rural backdrop created the perfect scene for this photo.

Aminah used her Canon 6D with Sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens in an undisclosed neighborhood near her home.

With her Canon 6D still in hand and just a change in lenses, she used her Canon 50mm 1.4 to capture the next two images.

f/ 1.4. ISO 160. Aperture 1/2000

This enchanting image shot in Norfolk, VA,

Make sure that the final picture is your true style. You'll know your style once you begin to edit more.

Same camera and lens in hand, Aminah headed to Virginia beach.

F/1.4. ISO 400. Aperture 1/1250

My favorite thing is the colors from this shoot

Lastly, located in her humble abode, using her Canon T3i w/ Canon 50mm 1.4 lens this gorgeous, sultry and sophisticated image was captured.

I use my house from time to time for studio photo shoots mostly. But I did not use any studio lights, I just used natural light (which is my fave)

F/1.4. ISO 400. Aperture 1/1250

My tip to young/new photographers is to continue to work on your craft, even if you have to take a break. If you do take a break know that you have to come back harder, much harder. You'll have times where you will find yourself comparing your work to others, but use that as inspiration and motivation. The more you compare, the harder it will be to improve your work.

Thank you for allowing us to share these amazing photos! For more of her work visit her website  and follow her on Twitter, and Instagram. Also, check out her YouTube channel where she dishes the latest on photography, fashion and makeup!