When you know, you know. At least, that's how it seems when it comes to Leica cameras and lenses. However, if you’re new to the system, you might be a little lost, wondering why these simple-looking rangefinder bodies are worth so darn much.

Fans of Leica gear can tell you that their cameras are designed and distilled to absolute perfection, entirely worthy of the luxury price tag. Their 35mm film cameras are as much a conversation piece as they are tools for imaging. With an instantly recognizable look, each classic Leica has a story of where it’s been and how it came to the shooter.

Put simply, the Leica M series is an icon, elegantly absent from the distraction of digital features you’ll never use anyway. They are a joy to use, with simple but magnificent fixed focal length lenses. 

In the video below, Matt Day not only gushes about some of his favorite Leica M film bodies, but he also breaks down which of them will be best for you, depending on which features are vital to you. Tell us about it, Matt.