If you've worked at KEH Camera for 30 years,  you're bound to have a heart full of memories. Chris Brooks has worked for KEH since 1988 and hasn't gotten bored yet!


As the longest continually employed person currently working at KEH, I have a lot of memories.  I've had the pleasure of working in several departments through the years. I began my career at KEH with the cash register, followed by Phone Sales; Tech Support, where I was the Consumer Manager for a number of years; Phone Sales Customer Support, Returns, Repair Admin, Tech Support Trainer, and currently I am working in the Quality Assurance department.

Over the years, I got my hands a number of cameras. My current collection of equipment is pretty bare bones at the moment. I have a Speed graphic 4x5, an Olympus E-300, and a Sony point and shoot. I’m in the market currently for a mirrorless camera, but haven’t yet decided on which one I want.

I started when we still had a showroom open to the public. We had some interesting people come into the store, including a local photographer known as Ilia Varcev. He would stand at the door at opening time and spend all day digging through the “junk” bins looking for stuff. We also had a regular customer named Bob McCormick who came every weekend. Bob would start working behind the counter when we got busy— even though he wasn’t an employee!

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One of the days every employee dreads is inventory, which was traditionally done on January 1st.  The running joke is that I gave birth just to get out of it one time, as my daughter was born on New Years Day in 1990. One of the most memorable moments happened in 1994. We had one of our most profitable year and as a reward we went to the new Georgia Dome. We had a fabulous meal and our names were in lights running around the stadium. It was magical! 1994 was also the year we won the MCI Positive Performer Award.

As we grow, I can’t wait to see KEH  develop our YouTube channel. Showcasing some of our more unique finds, as well as educating customers on the proper usage of more work-a-day cameras and lenses will be very beneficial. There are limitless possibilities in play — with new departments being added, more opportunities to grow within the company and a team who welcomes new ideas.