Every photographer hits a point when they look at all the gear they've accumulated over the years and realize that it's no longer a collection, but rather, a cluttered mess. If you're in this position, lest you give in to your hoarding tendencies, it's probably best to sell off what you can and move on.

That's precisely what Tony Northrup did. Tony and his wife Chelsea test and review a lot of gear on their YouTube channel, and over time, they collected a lot of equipment they were no longer using. They didn't want to sell it on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist because they had lost thousands of dollars to scammers there before and knew better to retread those waters. So they decided to reach out to us and see if we were interested in taking it off their hands, to which we enthusiastically replied, "of course!"

In the video below, watch Tony go through his stack of gear and explain why he's getting rid of each item.

If you're interested, we may still have some of this gear for sale. Have a look at our inventory and you may just be able to give Tony and Chelsea's gear a new life.

Otherwise, if you're ready for your own great purge, why not get started on our SELL page.