Linhof 4X5 Master Technika Folding View Camera

Keh Model# 254516


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Description Details

The Master Technika by Linhof is a large format folding technical camera renowned for superior mechanical precision as well as gorgeous fit & finish.  The expertly made Master Technica body is designed around the 4x5 inch format and it also works perfectly well in 9x12 cm format thanks to superb machining.  The all metal chasssis features a drop-bed and considerable movement options yet folds compactly for easy carrying.  A technical field camera at it's best the Master Technika is a versatile portable way to enjoy the ultimate control, freedom, and enlargement capability offered by view cameras for all types of creative or industrial location photography, including landscapes, architecture, portraiture, even studio work.

Like a press camera, the Master Technika classic can be fitted with an optical viewfinder for image composition and an integral multi-focus coincidence type rangefinder system allows focusing without a ground glass when lenses are coupled via a cam mechanism*.

Originally introduced in the early 1970's the Master Technika, was always one of the best and never inexpensive; it's an absolute classic, a camera of great esteem among large format lovers.

Key Features

  • Penultimate Linhof Field Camera
  • Rigid metal construction
  • Outstanding craftsmanship and machining
  • 400mm of extension
  • Precision geared focusing
  • Superlative movements
  • 55mm of rise conveniently controlled by lever action
  • Designed to allow extra clearance required by wide lenses
  • 30° of bed drop
  • 15° of swing in each direction
  • 20° of back swing and back tilt in each direction
  • 40mm of shift in each direction
  • Revolving International Standard Graflok back capability
  • Compact folding design
  • Classic styling
  • Convenient spring secured lens board latching
  • Side Rangefinder*

Available accessories include Linhof Grips, Optical Finders, Linhof Technika lens boards, film holders, roll film backs.

*Rangefinder coupling requires a Master Technika (or Technika V) compatible cam mounted to the camera for each different lens; Cam serial numbers are normally matched to each lens.

Additional Information
Brand Name Linhof
Focus Type Manual focus (only)


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