Pentax Digital Spotmeter

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Description Details

The Pentax Digital Spotmeter is a 1° light-weight reflected light spot meter for accurately measuring exposure readings.

The durable Pentax Digital Spotmeter is equipped with a pentaprism for a laterally correct image while metering.  The 1° spot is centered in a Fresnel lens, for bright, even illumination.  The viewfinder has a diagonal 26° field of view, like what would be seen with a 35mm camera using a 90mm lens.  The rubber eyepiece is adjustable from -2 to +1 diopters.

The objective and eyepiece lenses are super multi-coated and the pentaprism is specially silvered for a bright viewfinder image.  Within the viewfinder is large LED digital display for readings in any light.  The extremely narrow 1° measuring angle allows the measuring of a distant point without having to walk up to the subject. 

To allow for the measure of the reflectivity of colors when shooting black and white film, the Pentax Digital Spotmeter allows for the mounting of colored filters in front of the objective lens via a 40.5 mm filter thread.

Printed on the lens are adjustable scales of ASA stops of 6 – 6400, shutter speeds of 1/4000 sec to 4 min in 1/3 stops, aperture of f/1 – 128 in 1/3 stops, and EV values of 1 – 20 in 1/3 stops.

Key Features

  • Reflected light spotmeter
  • Adjustable ASA scale
  • Super multi-coated eyepiece and objective lens
  • Measuring angle: 1°
  • Effective measuring distance: 1.5m (5ft) to &inf;, Down to to 1m possible with
  • Range: EV 1 – 20
  • LED digital display
  • Silicone photo diode
  • Resistant to shock
  • Uses one 6V 544 Silver Oxide battery, 537 Alkaline battery or equivalent (SPX28, 4LR44, 4SR44, etc.)

Available accessories include: Case, tripod, wrist strap, lens cap, and 40.5 mm filters.

Additional Information
Brand Name Pentax

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