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Contax T3 35mm Camera, Silver

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* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.



The Contax T3 digital camera is a deluxe compact camera equipped with a Carl Zeiss T* lens which offers clear photographic capabilites. This camera is considered a Delux compact camera, making it stand out from its competitors 

The Contax T3 ultra-compact camera, covered in a titanium shell with a newly developed Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm F2.8 lens. The newly designed Sonnar lens provides overwhelmingly superior image quality in keeping with Contax T tradition. The lens offers excellent contrast and greater relative illumination across the image area while reducing distortion. The double between-the-lens shutter system offers top shutter speeds never before found in such a compact camera this size. The five blade aperture diaphragm provides an almost perfectly round lens opening for accurate and consistent exposures.

To enhance the focusing accuracy of the Contax T3, a sophisticated five-point passive auto focus system provides accurate focus down to 1.1 feet. For even greater flexibility, the T3 offers manual focus and infinity lock for situations that demand manual focus capabilities.

While compact, lightweight and agile, the Contax T3 does not compromise on features or speed. Often used modes are easily accessed via a mode selector for exposure compensation, self-timer, longer exposures up to 180 seconds and manual focus. With a top shutter speed of 1/1200 of a second in Program AE and 1/500 of a second in Aperture Priority AE, the photographer can freeze action at a moments notice to capture the decisive moment or control depth of field for creating the perfect mood or effect.


Amazingly small enough to fit into a pocket, to use at anytime and anywhere, the Contax T3 is a camera that will travel with you. Housed in a flawless titanium shell for beauty and durability for those who demand the best in protection of an optical instrument. The superior Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 35mm F2.8 lens is shielded by an automatically activated lens cap system to protect the lens from dirt and damage. Gracing the titanium shell are glass viewfinder windows for the ultimate in durability and clarity, while the oversize multi-crystal sapphire shutter button provides the ultimate feel in shutter release response. For camera status, the sizable liquid crystal display delivers constant information on flash mode, battery power and frame number.

The T3 offers seven custom functions for unparalleled flexibility in the photographic experience. The photographer may chose from the following custom selections:

  1. Film leader status after rewind (leader in/leader out)
  2. Lens extension time (lens extension on shutter release/on focus lock)
  3. Exposure compensation hold time (1 frame only/until camera is turned off/until setting is canceled)
  4. Exposure compensation steps (1/3 EV/1/2 EV)
  5. AFL button function (focus lock only/focus and AE lock)
  6. Focus lock hold time (AFL button) (1 frame only/until camera is turned off)
  7. Manual focus hold time (until camera is turned off/until setting is canceled)


For flash photography, the T3 offers the photographer five flash modes, allowing them to set their most often-used setting or to change from one mode to another at any moment.

Optional accessories include quartz data back, filter adapter for use with 30.5mm filters and SA-2 Flash Adapter for increasing flash distances with an accessory flash unit.

Additional Information

Brand Name Contax
GTIN 067215016035
Manufacturer Part Number 311050
Film Type 35mm roll

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