KEH Camera Turns 40

KEH Camera 40th Anniversary

At KEH Camera, we love a good story. And while the stories we tell usually involve an intriguing piece of vintage camera gear, occasionally we also enjoy looking back on our own history.

2019 marks our 40th anniversary as a company, so let’s take a stroll through the past to see how we got here and look ahead to our future.


Humble Beginnings

KEH Camera Vintage Catalog

A catalog page from our 10th Anniversary, back in 1989.

Our long-time customers may remember us from our mail catalog days. That was the backbone of the business for decades, but it’s not how KEH got off the ground. King Grant Jr. started the business in 1979 by selling and buying camera gear through ads in Shutterbug Magazine.

A KEH catalog from October of 1987

The catalogs were introduced to expand the business shortly after. Their success eventually led to the acquisition of a brick-and-mortar store—Atlanta Photo Supply.

While operating a large storefront was rewarding, the mail-order side of the business was bringing in more product and greatly expanded the sales base. So, in late 1989, we made the decision to focus entirely on mail-order and phone sales.

Then, by the mid-90s, a basic KEH website came along, and by 1999, customers could order online, leading to our push away from the mail catalog altogether. That basically catches us up to the present day.

A KEH catalog from September of 1992.

Looking Ahead

So, has KEH Camera radically changed through the years?

Fundamentally, no.

We’re still focused on the same principles that helped establish us over the last 40 years—quality, expertise and value. Because of this commitment, we recently refreshed our website and will continue to improve so we can best serve the photographic community to which we belong.

This year, we want to celebrate our 40th with the people responsible for making us the world’s premiere marketplace for used camera equipment—our customers. So, be on the lookout for special promotions, events and giveaways related to our 40th anniversary throughout 2019.

Keep checking this blog, follow the hashtag #KEHis40 on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and as always, subscribe to our newsletter for more info.

It’s bound to be a great year—40 looks good on us! Thank you for your continued support of KEH.


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