10 Topics to Discuss in Your Next Travel and Photography Blog

Writer’s block can happen to anyone, especially when you’re on the road and trying to think of the next topic you want to cover in your travel photography blog. What do your readers want to hear from you? What does the world want to know about something new you’ve found, a favorite photo location or a trick you’ve picked up this year? 

For your next topics of discussion in your photography blog, think of your strengths and what makes you unique. Have you covered a part of the world, your country or your hometown extensively? Are you using new equipment? Have you had luck in picking up new lenses in a fun way? 

Here are 10 topics to discuss in your next travel and photography blog you never know who’ll find your words of expertise! 

What you have in your photography bag

This seems to be a topic everyone wants to know about, as there’s always a better way to pack gear or better way to choose from a collection of camera accessories when space is limited. Your audience would love to know which camera bodies you’re taking around and why, along with which lenses, tripods (if any) and accessories are your go-to choices these days. Make a list, and share, with photos of your gear.

Locations you’ve loved photographing

Do you keep a list in your head of places where you were taking photos and never wanted to leave? Photographers and especially travel photography readers love to find out about new places all the time, and who wouldn’t love to learn about somewhere new so that he or she can start researching it? For me, I’ve loved taking photos in Hong Kong, Lisbon, [all of] Bolivia and Cartagena, Colombia… but that’s a topic for a future blog post! 

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A special trick you recently learned (and how to emulate it) 

For me, the best trick I remember learning and committing to memory was to use a narrow aperture like f/22 to create a starburst effect when taking photos at golden hour, or sunrise. I’ve passed on this trick to other photographers and friends who are playing around with their first DSLRs, and it never goes unappreciated. Share a story of a time you learned a special trick and how you’ve run with it, or how it helped you learn similar related tricks with the same technical function. 

A new software you’ve mastered

Is there a new type of program you’re using for editing, presets, graphics or another type of photographic design? Your audience is reading your photography blog because they value YOUR opinion, so share your latest find in Lightroom, Photoshop or any of your editing or post-production programs, either with a list or a tutorial. 

Ways to take a photography-themed trip

You can discuss ways to turn a family vacation into a trip that has time for photography, or ways to take a trip that centers around opportunities for photo spots. During my and my boyfriend Dan’s travels, we opted to dedicate some days to famous photo spots, whether these were murals, sculptures, parks or specific vantage points at sunset. You can discuss how you’ve added photography as a theme to any past trip. 

Tips for challenging photography travel destinations

Not all scenery, events or people are easy. A great blog topic is discussing how you’ve overcome challenges, especially ones that deal with difficult lighting, fast-moving scenes with moving parts, taking photos at famous locations filled with tourists or dealing with weather that didn’t go your way. 

Gear you hope to pick up this year (and why)

We all have to be practical about how much gear to add to our collections, and when. How are you deciding what you’ll be investing in this year? What’s your thought process? Will you be selling off older gear to make room for new products? Tell your readers about how this is going for you, and what kind of decisions go into your planning.

New useful photography phone apps you’ve found

Personally, I like reading blog articles to discover new apps that can assist my photography or in-phone editing. I’ve found some design apps for social media by reading blogs, and in putting myself in the reader’s shoes, would love to know more about apps out there that I have not yet heard of. For apps tangentially related to photography, or phone camera add-ons, tell your readers about the apps you have, how much they cost, what they do for your photos and why you’d recommend them. 

How much gear to take on a certain type of trip

We’ve all been there, and we usually look for help: what should we take on a short photo trip? What about a longer trip, and wait what about a trip on which we plan to be active? Provide expert advice on how you’ve chosen gear for different types of trips, and categorize the trips by purpose and length for your readers. 

Photographers you’re following for inspiration

Another topic that never gets old is a list of photographers you’re following on social media for inspiration. Luckily, it seems like there’s an infinite number of photographers out there, with all sorts of types of expertise and specialties. I find that I’m always finding new photographers who inspire me to get out and be creative. Who are you following these days, and what do you like best about their styles?


To start, you can pick any of the above topic ideas in order to figure out how you’ll next create content for your photography or travel blog. If you wish, you can combine a few of the topics above. Add some photos, and you’ll be set with a fresh new piece of writing. 

I’d love to see what you’re creating, so please reach out to me on Instagram (@halfhalftravel) to share.




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