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The 135 mm Sonnar® f/2.8 lens comprises 5 elements arranged in 4 groups. Like all Zeiss designs, this one was also developed in accordance with the established Zeiss practice of combining professional experience with a high-performance computer program devised by the company itself. The lens provides outstanding image quality and remarkably good image field illumination, both achievable when the diaphragm is fully open. Alongside a wide-angle lens, this Sonnar®  lens, with a focal length approximately three times as large as the diagonals of the 35 mm format, is perhaps the most widely required interchangeable lens. Regardless of whether it is landscape photography, fauna and flora studies, family shots or portraiture work, there will never be any shortage of subjects for which the 135mm focal length is particularly well-suited. With its help the photographer can bring up close fairly distant subjects without creating the flat perspective that sometimes mars a picture. On the other hand, picture-filling details can be selected without having to approach all that close. And finally, thanks to its moderate tele-perspective effect it is admirably suitable for portraits, either with the diaphragm fully open or slightly stopped down.

Additional Information
Brand Name Contax
Filter Size 55mm
Focus Type Manual focus (only)
Lens Mount Contax MM
Lens Type Short Tele / Portrait, Telephoto / Long
Max Focal Length 135mm
Min Focal Length 135mm

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