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Sony Alpha SLT-A99 Digital Camera Body {24.3 M/P}

KEH Model# 357469
*** Lens not included

* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.

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Sony Alpha SLT-A99 Digital Camera Body {24.3 M/P}

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* Item pictured for illustrative purposes only, actual item not pictured. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.



The Sony SLT-A99 is a feature rich professional level full frame camera body that notably uses the combination of a clear high contrast OLED EVF (Organic Light Emitting Diode Electronic Viewfinder) and a pellicle mirror to provide enhanced viewing capabilities while at the same time using ultra responsive phase detection autofocus technology.  The A99 is an very full featured high performance camera built to handle extreme usage by demanding photographers who want the highest quality images in any situation.

Unlike conventional DSLRs, the SLT-A99 uses a non-moving translucent mirror to split a portion of the light coming from the lens towards a dedicated Phase Detection AF sensor and the rest goes to the image sensor without interruption; this SLT arrangement (perfected on previous Sony models) produces a simultaneous continous feed for both the dedicated Phase Detection AF system and the ImageSensor/EVF by alleviating traditional mirror 'black-out'.  The beautiful 2.4 million dot OLED EVF makes it possible to see images right off the sensor and allows helpful overlays of setting information including 'focus peaking'.  The EVF makes it easier to see in both low light and bright light.  A highly reposition-able 3 inch 1.228 million dot 'True Black' RGBW LCD screen is also provided for playback or shooting from unique positions.

The SLT-A99 uses a big full 35mm frame low noise high resolution 24 megapixel sensor that offers ISOs from 100-6400 (25,600 expanded).  Another unique SLT-A99 feature not found in it's pro camera competitors is Sony's Steady Shot Inside sensor shift image stabilization.&nsbp; Perfect for available light, sensor shift stabilization extends the benefits of optical stabilization to a myriad of lenses including ultra fast fixed primes.

THE SLT-A99 also leverages Sony's considerable video expertise with 1080p60 capture and amenities like a silent controls, separate mini-jacks for headphones and mics, HDMI output, a built-in stereo mic and a 'multi-interface' shoe which connects not just powerful flashes but also Sony stereo mics or XLR connector boxes. the EVF and metering.

The SLT-A99 delivers a great experience, it's a serious camera to have lot of fun with, and a revolution to use.

Key Features

  • SLT Translucent Mirror
  • 2.4 million dot XGA resolution OLED EVF for uninterrupted viewing
  • Dedicated 19 point Phase Detection AF unit (11 Cross Type Points)
  • 102 On sensor Phase Detection AF Assist units
  • Exclusive AF range distance setting controls
  • 24 Megapixel Full 35mm Frame CMOS sensor
  • SteadyShot Inside sensor shift image stabilization works with all lenses
  • Tilt & Swivel 3.0" 1,228k-Dot
  • 1080p60 HD video capture
  • Dedicated mic & headphone minijacks
  • Mult-Interface shoe is accepts Sony mics and ISO hotshoe accessories
  • Dual SDXC Card Slots
  • Built-in GPS
  • Rugged magnesium alloy body with extensive environmental sealing

Available accessories include: VG-C99AM Vertical Grip, STP-GB1AM Leather Hand Strap , extra NP-FM500H M-series Rechargeable Battery Packs, BC-QM1 Battery Charger , RMT-DSLR2 Wireless Remote Commander, VPR1 Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable, Microphones, Sony Speedlights, ADP-MAA Shoe adapter, a vast range of Sony and Minolta A Mount Lenses and more.

Additional Information

Brand Name Sony
GTIN 027242847569
Manufacturer Part Number SLT-A99V
Flash System Minolta/Sony TTL (Pre-Flash)
Memory Card Type SD, SDHC, SDHC UHS-I, SDXC, SDXC UHS-I, Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo , Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo
Focus Type Autofocus (lens motor)
Lens Mount Sony A & Minolta A

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