There's so much to love about Fujifilm. They give photographers what they want—classic looks, intuitive controls and excellent image quality. Fujifilm pushes the envelope and truly embraces the kaizen philosophy of constant improvement. And while their latest cameras like the X-T3, X-H1 or the X100F are top-notch performers, it doesn't mean their older X-line models are slouches.

Plus, it's worth mentioning that slightly older models are now cheaper than ever, which means you can get your hands on a great Fujifilm camera for a fraction of what you would've paid for just a couple years ago. Let's go through some of our favorites.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


This is the camera that kicked off the X-series and became a perennial best-seller for Fujifilm. The original X100 is still sought after because the experience of using it is similar to a film rangefinder. The hybrid viewfinder gives you the option for either an electronic or an optical window, so you can see what you're framing as it looks in real life, or preview how your picture is going to look like given the current settings. And sure, the autofocus system is not as responsive as current cameras, but that just adds to the film-like experience—it forces you to slow down a little and think about your shot before taking it. With these colors, contrast and tones, the results will be well worth the effort.

It's also available in black for those street photographers who want extra stealthiness.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


The first interchangeable-lens X-series camera, the X-Pro1 is still one of the best looking cameras on the market. That's why Fujifilm chose to keep its exterior lines largely unchanged for the X-Pro2. It borrows the hybrid viewfinder from the X100 and a similar form factor, but with the added option to change lenses. Pair it with the Fujinon 23mm f/2 or the 35mm f/2 and you'll have a great kit, whether you're shooting street photography or documenting your everyday life. Keep in mind that this camera was $1,700 at launch in 2012, but can be had today for around $500 used, and it gives you access to Fujifilm's still-growing library of beautiful XF lenses.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


The X-T1 was Fujifilm's first foray into SLR styling for their mirrorless bodies. It was also the first camera in the X-series that was aimed at professionals. With it's emphasis on performance and practicality, the X-T1 raised the bar on what a mirrorless camera could do and how serious it could be taken. It received several performance upgrades in the form of firmware updates over the years, so if you have the latest firmware loaded, it's almost like a new camera compared to the original release. If you hate diving into menus to change your settings, the X-T1 is a dream come true. Everything can be controlled through physical dials and buttons, giving you full control at your fingertips.

Want even more performance? Take a look at the X-T2.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


This set is perfect for someone who wants great performance and excellent image quality in a travel-friendly size. The stylish body is quite compact while still incorporating a lot of advanced features. It has an electronic viewfinder as well as a rear display monitor, so you can frame your shots as you like. Fuji's 18-55mm lens is the best kit lens on the market—it has a bright maximum aperture of f/2.8 and performs beautifully throughout the range. Plus, it's optically stabilized to give you a steadier hand at low shutter speeds—all but eliminating blurry shots.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


This is the X-T1's little sibling—it packs most of the same features, including the same sensor and processor, but in a slightly smaller package. Plus, it has some things that its big sibling doesn't—mainly, a handy flip-up flash you can use to provide a little fill light when needed. The X-T10 makes a great travel camera or something you can easily carry in an everyday bag or backpack. It provides wonderful image quality and, again, serves as a great body to showcase all that great Fujifilm glass.

Want a bump in performance? Take a look at the X-T20.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


The X-T100 brings a lot of the latest features of Fujifilm cameras into a body for the budget-conscious. You'll find a 24-megapixel sensor, touchscreen functionality on the OLED screen, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity so it'll play well with your smartphone. You'll still enjoy the retro styling and aesthetics of the other Fujifilm cameras it borrows from, but in a lighter, more compact body. It even comes with a detachable grip to improve handling, if needed. The built-in flip-up flash is useful in low-light situations or when you want your subject to pop.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


The X-A2 is definitely the body to get if you're looking for a step up in quality from your cell phone. It's a simplified version of more advanced Fujifilm cameras. You'll still get amazing image quality, but it also has a few things that other bodies don't—notably, a flip-up screen, so you can take selfies. It also sports eye-detection autofocus, so you don't have to worry about your self-portraits being out of focus. Coupled with this 16-50mm lens, it makes a great budget kit or starter camera for a beginner.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


If you want to skip buying the X-A2 and lens separately, why not buy this awesome set? This X-A10 comes pre-packaged with the silver 16-50mm kit lens, and they make a stylish, compact couple. You're still getting the retro design and great functionality, but in a user-friendly package. Selfies are a snap with the tilt-up screen and eye-detect autofocus. The X-A10 also has a Portrait Enhancer mode for beautiful skin-tone reproduction, so you'll get natural-looking results.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


If you're not quite ready for the mighty X100 series, the X20 is a good starting-off point into Fujifilm's line-up. This compact camera has a built-in lens with a 28-112mm equivalent zoom. The f/2-2.8 aperture and optical stabilization make this handy for use in low-light situations. The lens is very sharp, which means you'll love the image quality of your files. It sports a large optical viewfinder for framing up shots and there's a wide selection of manual controls for dialing up settings. Overall, this is a fun camera to use and it doesn't hurt that it looks great around your neck or on a wrist strap.

Affordable Fujifilm Cameras That Are Still Capable As Heck


The XQ1 is a premium ultra-compact camera that uses the same X-Trans sensor technology as other X-series cameras, which means you can expect great colors and even tonality throughout your images. This pocketable and responsive camera features a fast f/1.8-4.9, 25-100mm equivalent lens, so it's convenient as a travel camera or just something to have with you when you need more reach than your phone camera can give you. It's incredibly easy to use and yet, offers advanced controls for those who need something more than a point-and-shoot.